When Hard Work Doesn’t Prove Instantly

Hey Young Hearts! We have made it to the last week of March, and I hope that you've taken out time to step back and admire your life and accomplishments, so far. I am currently in the process of wrapping up the semester with my classes, hoping for the best, (My fingers have been crossed... Continue Reading →


Taking Breaks are Good for You

Hello everyone!!! Do you want to hear something crazy that happened to me over the weekend? Well, I caught up with some of my old friends from high school and, believe it or not, we talked about the guilt of taking breaks. Now, I hate taking breaks. (I know, I know! No idea what happened... Continue Reading →

Grow Your Way, Take Your Time

What's happening, Young Hearts!? Can you believe that March is here... It's too exciting for me to express. For those of you who indulge in a good break in the spring time, you may know exactly how I'm feeling at the moment. I want to dive into a conversation today; something that I feel is... Continue Reading →

The Mind versus The Matter

So, picture this: Warm weather, beautiful beach, an all expense paid-exclusive trip.. and good vibes all around. For most of us, if we had a single moment in time to experience this measure of peace, oh, how appreciative we would be! In turn, this would present an outwardly positive and content aura. Sadly, although we... Continue Reading →

Pill of Encouragement

Where you start does not always indicate how it ends. The story where heartbreak began, ends with a discovery of worth and self-love. The story where loss and death destroyed the old heart, creates a manifestion of confidence and independence in your own identity. And, the story where rejection implanted temporary defeat, ends with your... Continue Reading →

The Leap Forward

If we begin to look at our truths, we stare imperfection in the face. We acknowledge our empty hearts, our lack of intellect, our stutters and crooked smiles. The unpleasant places to be are the places we must stare our conflicts and realities in the face. But, why is that? Why is it that our... Continue Reading →

Persist Until Something Happens

Happy Monday, Young Hearts! How are you enjoying the new year so far? Hopefully, it’s been treating you fairly kind, as I am wishing you all new opportunities, new relationships, and new reasons to love yourself and your amazing quirks! Today, I want to express motivation to all of you who are working towards future... Continue Reading →

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