Living Life Purposefully

Hi, Young Hearts!! Long time, no read? My apologies, over the past month or so, life got busy. I recently started a new job and, as a current student, classes were getting heavier and heavier to manage. Anyway, I hope I never have to randomly disappear without announcing it in the future. On another note,... Continue Reading →


Stuck In A Job or Relationship That You Hate

If you've ever wanted something badly enough, you know from experience how difficult it is to give up on that thing or let it slip through your fingers. So, the thing that you're committed to now, can you say that the feelings are linked to the former? The thing that you are pursuing or dreaming... Continue Reading →

Why Am I Failing?

The thing that keeps you up at night in tears and frustrations, the continuous closed doors and rejections, the losses and sometimes stolen wins... Did you know that failing is a blessing in disguise?   Empty shelves filled with jars of lovely promises. Nights filled with little hope Sometimes contentment, but constantly In disbelief. Maybe... Continue Reading →

Good To Be Back

Happy Friday, Young Hearts! How has the past month treated you? I'm eager to hear from you as this month's break has given me a refreshed feeling! As most of you all know, I post things all writing-related, but I want to make sure that you understand what my blog is all about. I really... Continue Reading →

Love Flew Away

We were happy kids playing alone, And the beauty of our faces, Lovely and innocent. Perhaps, it was the glare of the sun Or the green grass that kept us distracted? But, a butterfly flew our way And we chased it. Running hard after it, We expected it to slow down But it didn't care... Continue Reading →


In my heart, you’re the reason I gave Away time, My soul to find you, I waited for you.   And when you have me Wrapped in your arms Eyes intertwined Treasured words, inseparable Like bound pages, only made for books, It switches.   You change. And, I’m lost In a wonderland searching for you.... Continue Reading →

The People Everyday

I recall on a Thursday in June, I had taken the elevator to the 6th floor. I was running late and the stairway was on the other side of the building. I walked into the elevator from the first floor and about two other people followed behind. I didn’t think it was a major deal,... Continue Reading →

Strangers of the Barn, Pt. 4

“I don’t have time to re-explain.” He said while picking up his horseshoe from the floor of the barn. I felt stuck in the universe as it appeared parallel to my reality. What if my existence wasn’t real anymore? Would that mean that everything that I’ve done, seen and loved only existed from a robotic... Continue Reading →

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