Riding the wave

2020. If you could sum this year up in one word, what would it be? For me, it would be clarity. Clarity notes how far we've progressed, our limitations and strengths, and how much further we still need to go. It lends each of us a personal lens and conviction of our true identity, internally. Given... Continue Reading →

Did Someone Say ”Follow Train” Monday?

Hi everyone!! Happy Monday to you all! I thought today would be a great day to initiate a follow/follow back day. It’s a great way to spread positivity during this time and get to know more bloggers, writers and content creators. If you would like to join in on the follow train and continue to build... Continue Reading →


Hi everyone and happy Monday!  I haven’t done this in a little over a year, (and it's well overdue) but I just wanted to pass along a heartfelt and warm message of gratitude to all of you for continuing to follow and support my blog! I am happy that my content can reach all of... Continue Reading →

It’s Smart to be Hopeful

Hello everyone! In the midst of this global pandemic, my hope is that you are staying positive. I am a firm believer that presented challenges happen for us and not to us. Further, I implore all of you to take full advantage of this time. Reconnect with your family, rest, be productive, and continue to... Continue Reading →

Here’s One Thing To Do After A Loss

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you’re having a wonderful one, we’re almost done with the work day... Wooo!!! Today, I’m going to share one piece of advice with you on what to do when you’ve experienced a loss. More specifically, if you’ve lost a job, relationship, reputation, etc. Truth: losing is rough! It is especially... Continue Reading →

Sweet Victory

Hey there, happy Monday!! How’s the weather treating you today? Currently, in my neck of the woods, it’s very mellow and rainy, which is perfect to have a bowl of chunky soup for dinner. Recently, I read a comment somewhere that said: “If your life is getting harder, congratulation(s)! You’ve just leveled up.” Honestly, it... Continue Reading →

Let Me Think About It

Hey guys! 🙂 Okay, so it is nearly Friday and I just noticed that this is the second week that I failed to post on Monday which really surprised me when I noticed the slip-up. To say the least, I’m hoping to do better at staying on top of things for the upcoming months, but... Continue Reading →

Position, Defined

Hello everyone! Before we end the work/school day and transition into the weekend, I wanted to share another weekly post/pep talk with you! 🙂 First things first, I have to make an announcement. Currently, I am in the works of starting a new platform (in addition to this one), and I am so excited about... Continue Reading →

Rise Above

Happy Monday! Just a simple reminder to share with you all: be true to yourselves, enjoy your life at every stage and always execute! Above all, learn to rise above anything life throws at you. It’s encouraging to know that the failures we make today lead us towards greatness for tomorrow.

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